Thursday, August 23, 2012


These are for those who are bored seeing railways stamps only..and for all bird and Puffin lovers...
I personally like them they are so cute............

This was a Nordia issue in 2009 Thanks Mr. Guðni Friðrik Gunnarsson for this and the FDC below..

And FDC  was issued in Jersey in 1980 on sea birds its a 8v set..

And this WWF set was issued by IOM post in 1989..its a 4v is the FDC with Puffin cancel..i was looking for this for long time and got it finally.some one told true..Collection needs patience..

And Many thanks To Mr.Richard Martin from UK for the below sheetlet it came to me in perfect condition..

And here is the official Maxi card for this issue(Uploading only the Puffin issue)

Above is the FDC from Faroe island issued in 1978..That was a 3v set of seabirds...
And here goes the 3v set:

From left to right birds are :  Northern Gannet,Atlantic Puffin ,Common Murre

This beautiful MS is  from Hungary  issued on Protect polar regions topic..

My recent acquisition from Gibraltar 1988 Atlantic Puffin..its nice to see sheet value on the edge:)

Its a 4v set shown below:

They are:
4p  European Bee-eater 

22p Atlantic Puffin

32p European Honey Buzzard

44p Blue rock Thrush

Today i got these two TN postcards from my Facebook Friend Aditi thanks So much:)