Sunday, September 8, 2013

Surprise from Mongolia

Surprise and gifts make collections some time more interesting..and so i was while i got this nice cover from Mongolia..from an unknown friend.I don't remember we have communicated any where and  i have ever shared my address with some one from Mongolia..So it makes me more curious and surprised..but what ever it was it was great ..

The miniature sheet is the Mongolian version of India-Mongolia joint issue...and the 2 same stamps shows some is 1999 issue from a stone Sculpture issue showing inscription from Uigur period on stelae and it also have stamp of some God it seems.

Well as the person wanted me to publish this in my i am doing..
If you want to swap with him you can write to him..

His address:

Enkhbold Jigmid
P.OB. -122 Erdenet City
Orkhon aimag 61000

Thanks again was so nice of you..


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