Thursday, August 23, 2012

Southern Rhodesia Railways stamps::


I am going to share some of my favourite railways stamps From Southern Rhodesia here:::
These 4v was issued in 1937 ..the locomotive is 11th class locomotive and the bridge is over the Victoria falls..
Just i am enlarging it so you can see the beauty of it:
And the below one issued in 1953 it shows a 15th class Beyer-Garraat Locomotive..Its is from 5v set..which i bought in an local exhibition in Bangalore

and here goes the set:

Though its of Rhodesia and Nyasaland i thought it to share with you..
This was issued way back in 1959 shows Beyer,Peacock 16th class steam locomotives used in 1930s and
class DE2 disel electric locomotive used in 1950s
Bought it from a UK ebay shop at good price:)

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