Wednesday, August 22, 2012

TGV Railways

Here is a beautiful  stamp and FDC on TGV railways..I was searching for this kind from long time..
thanks to my friend Timothy Veltman from Switzerland for getting me this..
this stamp was isssued by France in 1984 to comemorate Postal TGV transport ...Paris-Lyon Mail Service..

P.S. I am looking for more TGV stamps around the world+TGV cancel...

This above one issued in 1974 to comemorate the completion of Turbotrain TGV001 project ..
And this above TGV Atlantique was issued in 1989..
It was bulit between 1988-1992 by Alstom is called Second generation TGV Trains
It can go up to 300kmph ...

Gabon issued this one in 1981 to comemorate 200th anniversary of George Stephenson
In this its a 3v set+SS..
I have the 3v set and looking for the SS
Here goes the 3v set..Thanks to M.Imran Siddque for this

The above one was issued in 2007 ..i love the rail road map on it:) shows the route of it in Europe

And this above 2011 issue was sent to me by my friend Jean Pierre

TGV and Eurostar in Lille 1993 issue

PhilaFrance from Mongolia issued in 1989 shows TGV Railways

This one another from Cuba 2009 issues shows a TGV which achieved 320kmph speed..
On the train its written SNCF  is the  SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de fer français; "French National Railway Corporation") is France's national state-owned railway company. SNCF operates the country's national rail services, including the TGV, France's high-speed rail network. 

This is form a 6v set+1 SS shown below illustrates the high speed railways around the world..

The trains are:
Acela Express -  USA
AVE - Spain
Eurostar - Europe
ICE - Germany,Austria,Denmark
ICN -Switzerland
TGV - France

The SS shows Shinkansen which runs in Japan..
And another wonderful issue from Cuba 2006

5v set but i am not sharing here the full set as it will be too many types of train in the TGV blog:)

Issued in 1987 for Mickey Mouse 60th anniversary its a 2v SS set i have this one only:(

 From Cook Islands 1985 8v set

1998 sheet from Yugoslavia shows TGV

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